Global staffing firm Hays plc reported today that 73% of professionals check their job email outside of work hours, citing data from a survey for more than 2,700 people across the globe.

Of those who check their email after work, the survey found that 54% say they do so in order to keep on top of their jobs, 34% said they wanted to make themselves available in case they are needed; 19% said they find it difficult to switch off from work and another 19% said they feel it is expected of them.

“Working outside of hours too often doesn’t allow employees to switch off from work,” said Sandra Henke, Hays group head of people and culture. “If they fail to strike the right work life balance it could lead employees to feeling tired and less relaxed, even eventually leading to employee burnout.”

Hays also reported that 67% of those who check their emails after work do so once or twice an evening while 22% do so constantly.


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