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We Mitigate Risk and Create Visibility & Control

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Temporary Staffing Suppliers across North America

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Workforce Solutions

Global, Flexible, Customizable

Managed Services (MSP)

  Supplier Contract, COI and Certification Management

  MBE Certification Management

Mitigation of Risk

FREE implementations

VMS Technology

  Global Vendor Management Solutions

  Easily customizable


  Supporting all industries and labor categories

  Temporary Employee on-boarding documents

Payroll Solutions

  Employer of record solutions

  Benefit Provider for all Temporary Labor

  Extended payment terms

Cut Costs

  Guaranteed cut costing measures

  Leverage DWS's Temporary labor purchasing power to reduce markups

  Rate rationalization data and strategies

Supplier Market Place

  Over 600 Participating suppliers

  Geographical Coverage of all 50

  Vetted to meet all insurance requirements

Legislative Support

  Guidance around legislation effecting labor

  Information regarding new legislation that is due to affect your business and your labor

  Access to legal resources helping you navigate the complicated changes in employment law

We Create Unique Cost Savings Plans For Many Industries

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Technology Integrations

Seamless and easy…

We integrate with the technologies you’re already used to.  Here’s a few… Contact us to find out more!

and many more!

and many more!

"ManageRight is simply the most robust VMS application we have ever worked with. This is our third system (we tried 2 prior to ManageRight), and we finally found an application that delivers what it promised and more. Whoever engineered this application should get a Nobel award!"

– Maria R. (Financial Sector)

"I am a believer! This DWS company is not just a company with a product, they are a culture of excellence. They promised service from the beginning and they have delivered big time."

– Dylan Clemente (Sports Apparel Industry)

"Thank you DWS for making believers out of the most cynical group one can ever work with. You have redefined the definition of excellence."

– Chris Byrnes (Apparel, Fortune 1000)


We've helped fortune 100 companies such as Amazon, Kraft, and Kendra Scott, as well as small to mid sized companies to improve their external workforce visibility and achieve significant cost savings.


Meet the Leadership Team!

Jean-Paul Renard

Jean-Paul Renard

CEO/COO/Chief Problem Solver

Kevin Cope

Kevin Cope

Vice President, Accounting and Finance

Ben Madsen

Ben Madsen

Chief Revenue Officer

Christine Wright

Christine Wright


Derian Conteh-Morgan

Derian Conteh-Morgan

Director, Software Engineering

Jesus Ugalde

Jesus Ugalde

Vice President, Staffing Fulfillment

Jeff Bedolla

Jeff Bedolla

Sr. Director, Expansion and Optimization

Jayme Weekly

Jayme Weekly

Senior Director, People and Culture

Everardo Torres

Everardo Torres

Director, Enterprise Optimization

Nancy Bonilla

Nancy Bonilla

Director, Payroll

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Distinctive Workforce Solutions is right for me?
Distinctive Workforce Solutions (DWS) has a supplier bandwidth that supports hundreds of companies across a variety of industries.
Our software – ManageRight – gives companies a uniform process for requesting new temp workers, approving temporary worker time, and paying staffing vendors, along with better visibility to temporary worker activity and spend across the company.

We are pleased to offer you a free business assessment specific to YOUR industry. Answer a few questions to see how much time and money your company could be saving.Take the quiz →

Who is Distinctive Workforce Solutions (DWS)? What is ManageRight?

Distinctive Workforce Solutions (DWS) is a global Vendor Management, Managed Services company that uses over 680 staffing suppliers worldwide, supporting 5 continents and over 150 client brands: DWSWorldwide.com


Your company’s temporary staffing agencies and workers are managed through an MSP (Managed Service Provider). The temporary labor MSP is Distinctive Workforce Solutions. 


The MSP uses a VMS (Vendor Management System) to manage all aspects of the temporary worker process from request (order) to onboarding, including payroll and invoicing, and off-boarding of temporary workers. Your company’s VMS is ManageRight.


DWS is the management and service company (MSP). ManageRight is the software (VMS).


ManageRight gives companies a uniform process for requesting new temp workers, approving temporary worker time, and paying staffing vendors, along with better visibility to temporary worker activity and spend across the company. VMS systems also provide reporting and business intelligence about a company’s temporary workers.


Through a “vendor neutral model”, Distinctive Workforce Solutions generally does not compete with staffing agencies to fill orders. Rather, DWS works to pair companies with the right staffing partners who can provide the highest quality and lowest risk temporary workforce, at the best possible price. All suppliers participating in DWS vendor management programs are considered to be customers as well.


DWS will provide your company a unique support email address, or you can reach DWS at dwssupport@dwsworldwide.com or support@manage-right.com.

I am a client. How do I login to my ManageRight portal?

To Log In to ManageRight, you must either be an approved client, supplier, or worker (temporary employee).


When you are activated in ManageRight, the system will send you an email with your username and temporary password. Your username will usually be your work email address (for client and supplier users) or your personal email address (for temporary employee users). If you don’t provide an email address, ManageRight will generate a unique username for you.


If you have received your username and password directly from DWS or your agency employer, go here to log in: https://my.manage-right.com.


Didn’t receive an email?

Need to reset your password?

For detailed instructions or IT support please visit the full tutorial here →


Distinctive Workforce Solutions is a Global Vendor Management, Managed Services company. With over 680 staffing suppliers worldwide, we support 5 continents and over 150 brands.  Read more about us ->


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