Among the many changes that will be affecting the contingent workforce in the upcoming years, three things stand out: the growing proportion of contingent workers, technological innovation and changing candidate behavior.Staffing Industry Analysts’ Peter Reagan discussed this during the keynote speech today at the CWS Summit North America conference in San Diego.“You’re going to have to create your contingent value proposition like you never have before,”said Reagan, who is senior director, contingent workforce strategies and research.He noted staffing buyers said in a survey that the median percentage of their workforce that will be contingent in the next 10 years is 25%.In addition, 57% of buyers think contingent workforces will be part and parcel of corporate strategy within the next two years, and 56% are thinking of bringing total talent in within the next two years.“The contingent workforce is becoming more strategic, it’s being talked about more and more,” Reagan said.Meanwhile, technological change is happening quickly, and disruption is happening as well. Those managing contingent workforces need to stay on top of the evolution which will be difficult to predict.“Things are changing faster now than they ever have done in the history of the human race,” he said.It’s not bad news for humans, though.“The fourth industrial revolution is not going to be the detriment of jobs, it’s going to create jobs in the future,” Reagan said.Candidate behavior will also change, with one prediction finding that only 9% of the US workforce will be traditionally employed by 2030.How candidates choose companies to work for will also change; they will likely take a greater interest in companies that operate sustainably for the environment.Future candidates will also be growing up amid new technologies that we haven’t seen before, Reagan told the contingent workforce managers in the audience.The CWS Summit continues through Tuesday when the Collaboration in the Gig Economy Conference will begin.
Source: Staffing Industry Analysts
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At just the age of 14 years old, Jean-Paul Renard was handing out flyers on the corner of 42nd street and Madison Avenue in New York City for Distinctive Temps that read “NEED A JOB?” Who would have thought, that years later Mr. Renard would become the President of Distinctive Personnel, Co-Founder of Distinctive Workforce Solutions and go on to develop an exclusive, state-of-the-art Vendor Management software called ManageRight®

Mr. Renard spearheads the global operations of Distinctive Workforce Solutions including its subsidiaries: ManageRight, Distinctive Personnel and Insignium Search. Mr. Renard creates the vision for each company and works collectively with his colleagues to execute legendary results. As a proud Chilean American and a New York City native, Mr. Renard is very active in the city’s thriving community and has built a successful company in what some people call, “the toughest business town in the world.”

With humble beginnings, Mr. Renard was raised in the St. George projects in New York City. Mr. Renard is an advocate for the empowerment of people, providing awareness to his community and stands firm in his message that all is possible when you believe. “You are only as limited as the limits you impose on yourself,” says Mr. Renard. Mr. Renard is married and proud father of 3 boys. Mr. Renard admits that the inspiration to be great comes from his family.

“My family is my life and I grateful that I have been blessed to have them. They simply make me a better person.”

As one of his many accomplishments, Mr. Renard sits on the Board of Directors for the New York Staffing Association and participates in half a dozen boards as an advisor. Mr. Renard contributes to several business publications, and is the host of the very popular video blog, Jobs Across America.

Distinctive Workforce Solutions is the fastest growing Managed Service Provider in the nation. Now crossing over 4 continents, Mr. Renard and his brother, Gonzalo Vergara, aspire to be the most successful Minority Business Enterprise/ Service Disabled Veteran Organization, Managed Service Provider in the World.

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