DWS Pledges Support to BRC Outreach Program to Help the Vulnerable in NYC

October 29, 2019

Boca Raton, FL, 10.29.19 – Distinctive Workforce Solutions (DWS) today announced it will be supporting Bowery Residency Committee’s (BRC) Champion’s Benefit Gala on November 5, 2019. The gala will support BRC in their mission to restore hope and dignity to NYC’s vulnerable by offering opportunities for health and self-sufficiency. Deeply connected to BRC’s mission, DWS CEO Jean-Paul Renard says that the gala empowers businesses to come together and make an impactful difference in the movement to better the city of New York.

For BRC, it all began from a place of compassion for the many homeless people who had lost their lives with no hope for change. Since their founding, hundreds of sympathetic people and businesses have been touched by BRC’s message and have rushed to participate in the movement. Mr. Renard, founder and CEO of DWS, was one such inspired individual. Being born and raised in New York, he explained “Homelessness was something that we saw on our stoops, walking out of our apartments every day, so it wasn’t very foreign for us. We didn’t just see it on the news or read it in a book. Later in life I saw that it affected not only strangers, but people that I had relationships with and know. Some of the affected were these brilliant people that had a lot to offer themselves and society. Seeing that tragedy (as I viewed it) brought me to some level of connection to their mission.”

To date, the annual Champion’s Benefit Gala has raised over $400,000 to fund 30 programs throughout NYC including unsheltered outreach, safe haven and shelters, mental, physical health and addiction services, work force development, art therapy, and supportive housing to close to 10,000 individuals a year. Mr. Renard added,

“I think that the strength in humans and the strength in businesses is their ability to connect together and participate. In accumulation of those contributions you have this ability to make a huge impact, and we (DWS) want to play a role in that process.”

BRC welcomes support in many forms including investments, donations, and volunteer hours. The leadership team there encourages anybody interested in participating to visit their website www.brc.org.



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