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Staffing firm Robert Half International Inc. (NYSE: RHI) reported that 79% of professionals surveyed said their job allows for “windowed” work — the ability to break up their day into distinct chunks of business and personal time. And 73% reported it has led to greater productivity.

“Whether it’s windowed work or alternative hours, people are happier and more productive if they have control over when — and where — they do their jobs,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director of Robert Half. “Providing employees with flexibility will be just as important when organizations prepare to reopen and transition back to the office as it has been since the start of the pandemic.”

  • A greater percentage of respondents with children (78%) than those without (66%) said windowed work allows them to be more productive.
  • Nearly an equal number of men (75%) and women (71%) said they get more done when integrating personal and professional activities throughout the day.
  • More employees ages 55 and older (39%) noted they prefer a traditional schedule than those ages 41 to 54 (32%) and 25 to 40 (22%).

The survey included more than 1,000 workers in the US and took place between May 14 and May 19.

However, McDonald noted that communication is key to ensuring work stays on track. Robert Half also offers tips for managing flexible work schedules:

  • Ensure someone is available during core business hours to respond to requests.
  • Find out when you are most productive and then schedule that time for high-priority projects.
  • Cluster activities that require similar effort and resources together.
  • Make sure colleagues know when you are available to meet and coordinate.


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