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More remote work, a focus on results rather than hours worked and increased empathy are some of what workers want post pandemic, according to a global report, “Resetting Normal: Defining the New Era of Work,” released today by The Adecco Group.

One of the findings: Nearly three fourths of global workers surveyed said a mix of office-based and remote work is the ideal way to go, and 69% want more digital training.

“The world of work will never return to the ‘normal’ we knew before the pandemic struck,” Adecco CEO Alain Dehaze said. “The sudden and dramatic change in the workplace landscape has accelerated emerging trends such as flexible working, high-EQ leadership and re-skilling, to the point where they are now fundamental to organizational success.”

Among findings in the report:

  • 74% of workers say a mix of office-based and remote working is the best way forward, while 77% of C-suite leaders say business will benefit from increased flexibility. The optimal mix is 51% in the office and 49% remote.
  • More than 69% of workers are in favor of “results-driven work” instead of working a set number of hours.
  • 28% of those questioned said their mental well-being had worsened due to the pandemic, and only one in 10 rate their managers highly on their ability to support their emotional health.
  • Digital skills have improved, say six in 10. However, 69% want more training in digital skills post-pandemic.
  • 88% said their employer met or exceeded their expectations in adapting to the challenges of the pandemic.
  • 74% of employees want their managers to demonstrate a leadership style focused on empathy and a supportive attitude.

Polls for Adecco’s report included responses from 8,000 office-based employees, managers and C-Suite executives in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and the US.


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