A majority of staffing firms, 78%, offer bonuses for referrals of temporary worker candidates, according to a report released Tuesday by Staffing Industry Analysts.

The research found the median bonus offered by professional staffing firms was $500 while the median offered by commercial staffing firms was less than $100.

A majority of firms also offered bonuses for referrals of direct-hire candidates. These bonuses tended to be larger, with two-thirds of firms offering bonuses of at least $500.

“Staffing firms reported referral fees were earning high returns on investment, so for the minority of staffing firms not yet using them, I’d suggest giving them a shot,” said Jon Osborne, VP strategic research and author of the report. “The data also suggested that optimal bonus amounts vary, as detailed in the report, by skill set and type of placement.”

More on referral bonuses is included in the report, “North America Staffing Company Survey 2019: Bonuses for temporary and direct hire referrals.” It’s available to corporate members of Staffing Industry Analysts.

It’s based on a survey of 441 North American staffing firms.


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